Why is Having a Health Care Planning Guide So Important?

When people are diagnosed with a new medical or mental health condition, it's common for the person and the family to feel out of their element, like they have more questions than answers, and often find themselves on different pages, which creates more confusion in a time of uncertainty.

We created the Family Health Care Planning Guide to help older adults and their care partners...

  • Get on the same page
  • Clarify their medical questions
  • Communicate their cultural and family values
  • Become the most empowered person on their medical team

Sneak Peek Inside the Guide

The culturally responsive health care planning guide that helps older adults and care partners in navigating a new medical condition, get on the same page and become the most empowered person on their medical team.

What You'll Get

A step-by-step guide to helping older adults and their caregivers get the very best care, gain clarity about medical problems, and achieve confidence in knowing that they are the most important person in their health care.  

Here's what's inside

  • Checklist of items to bring to medical appointments ($27 value) 
  • Worksheets to help the older adult identify their health care questions ($37 value)  
  • Worksheets to help the family /caregiver identify health care questions ($37 value)  
  • Family members’ contact information ($27 value)
  • Health care providers’ contact information ($27 value)
  • Worksheets about important family history, culture, & values that may influence care ($67 value)
  • Medication list Worksheet ($27 value)
  • Checklist of legal and insurance documents ($27 value)
  • Guidance on how to ask important medical questions ($67 value) 
  • Glossary of medical & mental health specialties ($37 value)
  • Links to power of attorney documents

VALUED at $380

**BONUS** If you're a professional, you may share a copy of this guide with clients at no extra charge*

*You may not mass produce this guide or resell it.

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just...

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I'm so glad you're here...

I'm Dr. Regina Koepp, I'm clinical geropsychologist and founder of the Center for Mental Health & Aging


I've spent more than 15 years helping older adults and their families navigate some of the most complicated issues that arise with medical and cognitive challenges more common in older adulthood.


I developed this culturally inclusive Family Health Care Planning Guide to promote health literacy and communication between older adults, their families, and their health care team. I believe that all older adults deserve quality and equity in health care.

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